Street Lamps

It is produced as galvanized or painted in heights of 3 meters to 15 meters.
Our services:
Floor flange for anchored foundation installation
Console of desired size
1,2,3 or 4 lighting consoles
Decorative cuts are made
It is produced between 3 m and 15 m (8-section or circular).
Poles between 3 m and 12 m are produced as a single module, and poles over 12 m are produced as 2 modules according to the tight fit method.
Foundation assembly is provided with square base plates and anchors of varying sizes depending on the height of the poles.
The poles are applied with hot dip galvanization method or, upon request, electrostatic oven paint over galvanization.
All process steps are carried out in accordance with TEDAŞ, TSE, CE40-2, CE40-5, CE40-5 and TIA/EIA-222 F standards.
Usage areas:
On intercity and urban highways
On bridges and pedestrian crossings
In parks and gardens
In parking lots and shopping malls
In airports, ports and stations
In construction sites or construction areas
In street street lighting