Stadium type Projector

Stadium projector poles, which are produced as galvanized or painted with a height of 15 meters to 60 meters, have a polygonal (12 gene, 16 gene) cross-section and are offered in a wide variety of options.
Our services:
Poles are produced in multiple modules and in accordance with the tight fit method.
Mounting of the projectors is provided by a platform with crossbars on an inclined head or an inclined platform with crossbars.
Foundation assembly is provided with a circular base plate and anchors of varying sizes depending on the pole heights.
Upon request, static calculations are made according to the desired wind load and designs are made in line with this calculation.
The poles are applied with hot dip galvanization method or, upon request, electrostatic oven paint treatment over galvanization.
All processing steps are carried out in accordance with TSE K 462 standards.