Elevator Projector

It is produced between 12 mt and 40 mt (12gen16 gene section).
Our services:
12 mt poles are produced in a single module, 12 m and above poles are produced in more than one module and according to the tight fit method.
The elevator system is specially produced according to the desired lighting direction and number of projectors.
There is a PLC control panel, PLC installer panel and motor on the poles.
Illumination is provided in 1,2,3 or 4 directions
Foundation assembly is provided with a circular base plate and anchors in measurements varying according to the height of the poles.
Hot dip galvanization or, upon request, electrostatic oven paint treatment on galvanization is applied to the poles.
Upon request, static calculations are made according to the desired wind load and designs are made in line with this calculation.
All processing steps are carried out in accordance with TSE K 462 and international standards.